Welcome to the Network’s Blog!

After the Network’s first roundtable discussion in September 2015 on ‘Dependency in Context’ some memberFeatured images were inspired to share their thoughts and reflections on the discussion – only to realise that there was currently no platform for these thoughts to be shared with the group! We thought that a website and occasional blog would be a good place to create a record of our discussions and provide a point of connection for those who can’t always attend monthly meetings.

We also thought that this space may be valuable for other academic and professional pursuits. This blog could be a space not only for reflections on the network’s events but also for network members to submit their works in progress, theoretical reflections, initial findings, or musings on current issues in their discipline that they believe would be relevant to some or all of the other members. We can also cross-post writing that you may have done for other outlets, such as the CRFR blog, the It Ain’t Necessarily So postgrad student blog, or wherever else you may be writing.

We encourage anyone who is interested to submit any writing or reflections about their own work, or ideas or trends in their field to Sarah or Cara to be posted in this space.  The topics can be (honestly!) about whatever you want as appropriate to the  network’s broad shared interest in research about children and young people’s lives. We’d love to be able to create a thought-provoking and accessible space for researchers to share their work and experiences. If you have any questions or want to run an idea by Sarah (sarah.weakley@ed.ac.uk) or Cara, please email us!


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