‘Creating transformative partnerships: Making spaces for tackling childhood and youth inequalities’: our next event January 27

Our first seminar of the new year is next week, featuring Dr Marlies Kustatscher, Lecturer in Childhood Studies and Co-Director of the Centre for Education for Racial Equality in Scotland (CERES). Hoping to have a great turnout for this event, which I think will be particularly relevant for anyone whose research involves the participation of children and young people at any stage of the research.

When: Wednesday, 27 January 4:30 – 5:30

Where: Practice Suite, Floor 1 Chrystal Macmillan Building, University of Edinburgh

‘Creating transformative partnerships: Making spaces for tackling childhood and youth inequalities’ This informal talk will provide some reflections on a participatory action research project by co-principal investigators Dr Kristina Konstantoni and Dr Marlies Kustatscher.

The research project has been initiated by a group of young people (aged 10-18) and involves them as co-researchers in a small-scale participatory action research. The research seeks to examine a) young peoples’ views and experiences of intersectional discrimination in their schools and ways of tackling discriminatory practices, and b) the processes by which meaningful and transformative partnerships (between interdisciplinary researchers, young people, organisations and practitioners) can be established with the aim to effect change in the young people’s lives.

The talk will focus in particular on the methodological and ethical challenges of participatory practices in the early stages of a participatory project, such as during the design of the research, when seeking funding and in planning ethics. The session will also provide, as always, ample time for questions and discussion!