‘Engaging Children in Health/Illness Research’: our next workshop 23 March

The next Network workshop will be held on 23 March, with the topic of ‘Engaging Children in Health/Illness Research’ – a new and exciting topic for the Network to sink its teeth into.

When: 23 March, 5 p.m.
Where: Practice Suite, Floor 1 Chrystal Macmillan building

About the workshop:

Despite recognition of the importance of listening and consulting with children regarding their healthcare, children’s accounts regarding their own health and their involvement in associated care is under examined. In this workshop we will look at how we can engage children in research regarding their health, and in particular chronic illness (namely childhood epilepsy*), as well as exploring barriers to such research, including ethical concerns and access issues. Furthermore, we will reflect on data gathered in this context to explore wider childhood studies discussions around competencies and agency.
*Childhood epilepsy is a complex, neurological condition. It holds a variety of implications for the child with epilepsy and their family beyond seizures; including intricate and multidimensional care arrangements.

Our speaker will be Rebecca Black, a PhD student at Child Life and Health, whose work serves as the backdrop for this workshop. The event will prove to be valuable to researchers both inside and outside a health context, with plenty of engaging discussion. We hope to see you there!


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