Summer hiatus: see you in September!

Thank you to everyone who has attended any of the Network events this year, and for all of you who are following our work in jiscmail and elsewhere. We had a great year of seminars from University of Edinburgh PhD candidates, covering topics such as youth transitions and social justice, autism, childhood friendship, emotions and childhood practice and much more. We also topped off the year with the Young People’s Transitions Conference in April, which was a great day.

As things slow down here on campus we’ll also be taking a break from our monthly seminars and will pick up those again in September. Although the presenters at these seminars will be PhD students and early career researchers, these free seminars are open to anyone both inside and outside the University — so if you are interested in youth or childhood studies topics please subscribe to our jiscmail to hear about these events and come along! We also use jiscmail as the primary medium to send out other events of interest to this network, both here in Scotland and elsewhere, and you can use it as a place to publicise your event as well. Over the summer we will still be publicising events of note on jiscmail and keeping the Upcoming Events calendar updated if at all possible.

We will also be posting in the near future a document from both the Listening Session and the feedback survey from the Young People’s Transitions Conference that took place in April. Both have provided us with some great feedback about what you’d like to see covered in future seminars or events.

And importantly: if you are a PhD student who would like to present for the network or if you have an event that you would like publicised to the Network please email me ( I’d love to hear from you!

See you all in September and have a great summer!


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